Spring Has Arrived!

17 March 2016

So Spring has arrived in London Town . You can feel the subtle changes in the ether.We at Bed could name the obvious, the daffodils along Park Lane, the Cherry Blossom adorning all our great Avenues, the different fragrances floating around the air. However BED feels what is more noticeable are the smiles returning to London's eclectic mix of residents, pardon the pun but London's denizens seem to have an extra 'spring' in their step.

You can not help but notice that the cities Ladies , to BEDs mind the most alluring and sexy in the world, can unwrap themselves from all their winter furs, show to the world once again those killer curves, swing their hips in an almost ritualistic call to procreate.... you can feel the sexual tension resonating out of this great big kinky city's pores!

Spring is natures boom boom time, slap and tickle, where all through nature male and female come together magnetically drawn to play out what they are genetically programmed for! So pick up the phone and let BED do the rest.

Yours BED