5 Entry-Level Domme & Fetish Services For Beginners

Posted on: 20 May 2024
Image for 5 Entry-Level Domme & Fetish Services For Beginners

Exploring the exciting world of BDSM and domination can be exhilarating - but also intimidating. It’s likely that you have hot fantasies of a gorgeous, latex-clad girl tying you up and having her way with you… But what’s the reality like? For your first steps into fetish and domme play, you may want to try some of the beginner services. Being pushed into your limits is one of the hottest things that can happen - but it can be a good idea to find out what your limits are first… 

Here at Bed Domination, we have rounded up five of the services we recommend you try with our gorgeous, talented and experienced escorts to start with, before you turn up the heat and totally give yourself over to our girls. Don’t be fooled by their innocent looks - these girls are ready to play.


Have you been a naughty boy? Then you need to be punished. This sensual mix of pleasure and pain is sure to get every nerve tingling, which will leave you begging for more. You can choose to be spanked with bare hands, or punished harder by being caned and whipped. The next level of spanking is flogging. We recommend beginning with bare hands as you enjoy the feeling of submission and punishment that will leave you trembling…


Latex is a popular fetish and many men find it a huge turn-on. Meet a gorgeous, curvy girl with latex clinging to every inch of her curves, leaving nothing to the imagination. If you love the feeling of latex under your hands or on your skin, these girls will be ready to fulfill your fantasies.


How does being tied up with a cigarette between your lips sound? Or breathing in the smoke from your stunning escort? If you love the aesthetic and scent of tobacco, this fetish is a fun one to start with. Maybe you simply fantasise about how your naked escort looks as she puts a cigarette between her sensual lips, and takes a drag? We’re ready to fulfill your smoking fantasy. 

Foot fetish

Another popular fetish. Our mistresses have a great range of footwear, so if you fantasy about shapely feet in stilettos, you’ve come to the right place. Explore by sucking, kissing, massaging and licking their feet. All the women who specialise in foot fetishes will have slim feminine feet and a pedicure to make them look as attractive as possible…


Do you fantasise about a woman who plays dress up? Maybe a sexy schoolgirl outfit really gets you going, or perhaps you’ve always fantasised about a French maid giving you a naughty glimpse as she bends over to clean. Our escorts have plenty of hot outfits sure to turn you on, and they’ll be totally happy to explore a sexy, exciting roleplay with you. 

Check Out More Fetishes!

This is by no means an exhaustive list! But these are some popular fetishes that will give you a sexy and enjoyable introduction to BDSM. Don’t worry - our girls won’t judge you, regardless of your fetish. It’s an exciting way to get to know yourself better, and work up to some of our harder services.