Submissive Escorts

Welcome to our Submissive Escorts London gallery, here you will find the sexiest ladies who will show you an extremely pleasurable time with BDSM techniques and have you absolutely blown away with their skills. You will only find these sizzling hot mistresses at Bed Domination so you don’t have to look anywhere else.


What is a Submissive London Escort?

Our submissive London escorts are companions who are experts at taking on the submissive role who will love when you whip them into submission and allow you to fully enjoy yourself in their presence with a little pleasurable pain. It is all delivered in a safe environment which allows you to be fully immersed in the experience and you will also be with one of the finest submissive escorts available in London, who will show you what it means to have someone be your pet.

What can I expect from a submissive London Escort?

When going to a booking with any of our wonderful submissive escorts you will be dazzled with plenty of tools and toys at their disposal. Each one will be used for your pleasure while you can deliver some pain, you can expect there to be whips and chains provided for you as well as plenty of leather and other fun stuff to bring the pleasure straight to the both of you. Any booking you make will have them in a submissive position ready to receive anything you want to give them.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

To prepare we would like to make you aware that you should be in the right state of mind before you book any of our submissive London escorts, it can be extremely fun but it is also not for the faint of heart. You have to be fully prepared for the experience you are going to have before you go to meet your chosen submissive companion, be aware that even if you end up in pain or whatever it could be, it will always feature aftercare.

Aftercare is what happens after a session is over, and it involves making sure that both of the participants are fine and take good care of each other and assure each other that it was all done in the moment and there are no hard feelings between them. This is an incredibly important step, and needs to be undertaken for the mental health of the participants.

What does Submission and BDSM involve? 

Submission is the practice of being in a position of powerlessness and having someone have complete power over you , so when you are going to a session with one of our Submissive London escorts this will be completely what will happen to them when they assume the submissive role. Often it will involve pain, being degraded verbally and being made to feel lesser than the person who is doing all of the dominating, in this case you, it can be considered harmful but people that undertake it enjoy that aspect of it.

BDSM is a broader definition of all of the erotic practices that come under the same umbrella, each letter refers to a diffrent part of the whole experience with B being bondage, D being dominance, S being submission and M being masochism. It describes the entire practice of putting pleasure into pain for the individuals that enjoy it.

How can I  book a submissive London Escort experience? 

There are three available methods that you can use to book your submissive London escort experience, when using any of our methods make sure that regardless of the one you pick please fill us in on everything you will want from your date. This is an important part of any booking you make especially when it comes to our BDSM services.

The first method you can choose to use is to fill out the booking form at the top of the page, this will allow you to take your time and provide us with all the information at your own pace you don’t have to rush. This lets you have a think about what you will be comfortable with receiving from one of our submissive London escorts.

The other option is to make a call which you can do by calling us at +447809138166. You can also access this at the top of the page as a button on mobile or in text form on desktop.

The final option you can choose is to use our matchmaker found here, this will let you select all of the things you want from your chosen London escort and match them exactly to your preferences, maybe you'd like a switch who can alternate between being submissive and dominating in the bedroom, or you're looking for specific physical features. You'll be able to find your dream match this way.