Poppers is an inhalant used by gay men in the 1960s which has since skyrocketed in popularity. Although poppers are widely associated with the LGBTQ community, it has also been claimed by fetish and BDSM lovers for its number of benefits.

This inhalant gives you a buzz, intensifies orgasm and most notably relaxes the anus muscles of those who use it. It is also known to increase libido and sex drive! If you’re pining to be pegged by a dominatrix mistress, have a stronger climax, or simply enjoy a thrilling adventure, a poppers experience is for you!

How Can A Mistress Elevate My Poppers Experience?

For many kink-lovers, the thrill of doing poppers extends beyond the sensation they get from inhaling them. In reality, the fun really gets started when a dominatrix forces them into their face. This helplessness tantalises many punters, and makes for a unique and euphoric experience.

Bed-Domination dommes are well-versed professionals at this experience and know exactly how to test your limits. You couldn’t be more mistaken if you believe that poppers escorts’ services are limited to simply inhaling poppers with you. When you book a poppers dominatrix, even the most insatiable of submissives will be left begging for mercy.

As we mentioned earlier, this is a great experience for those looking for a pegging or rimming experience. Dilating your anus can take your pleasure to new heights, just make sure you freshen up beforehand.

Approaching the topic of poppers can be challenging in traditional dating, especially if you’re a shyer sub. When booking a dominatrix, this conversation need not be a scary one, as trust us when we say there is nothing that they haven’t heard before. Our escorts can accommodate nearly every request, which is what makes us the number one fetish escort agency in the UK!

How Can I Book A Poppers Escort?

We are open 24/7 for escort domination and fetish services across the country! So, if you’re looking to be tormented by a poppers escort, give us a call at 44780913866 and we’ll let you know if your chosen dominatrix is available.

We have a whole host of mistresses waiting to meet you, so you certainly won’t be at a loss for options. Our escorts operate on both incall and outcall basis’, so you can keep things discreet by paying your escort a visit or be conveniently dominated in your own home.