Nipple Torture

Venture to the edge of your limits and delve into the world of Nipple Torture. Whether you’re giving or receiving, experience the pain and pleasure of this unique fetish with any blonde, brunette, or redhead mistress in our gallery.

What is Nipple Torture?

The mixture of pain and eroticism associated with nipple torture is a major aspect of BDSM, and one that has proven to be quite popular in the escorting world. So what exactly is it? Well, as you may have guessed, the clue is in the name.

Nipple torture - also known as breast torture - refers to any of several erotic BDSM activities focusing solely on inflicting pain on the breasts and nipples. The mutual, kinky enjoyment that both the inflicter and the inflicted get out of it can be very intense for all the right reasons.

Our Nipple Torture Mistresses

If you’re looking to indulge in the pleasurable torture of this service, Bed Domination is the place to be. Our beautiful mistresses are always up for testing their limits, and nipple torture just happens to be a favorite of theirs. So whether you’re looking for a female, male, or shemale to express your desires with, our nipple torture escorts are here to please.

Popular Nipple Torture Services

Our mistresses are experts in each and every form of nipple torture, and we’ve listed just some of the most popular techniques below:


When breasts and nipples are bound, the sensitivity and vulnerability that follows is a feeling beyond compare. Play around with bondage ropes, tape the breasts down with bondage tape for a constrictive experience or even knot strands of dental floss around erect nipples to give them a painful little squeeze. When it comes to compressing, binding, lifting, or squashing these sensitive areas, the sky’s the limit.

Be sure to read our Beginner’s Guide to Sexual Bondage for more tips and techniques to take advantage of.

The Nipple Clamp

These kinky tools not only cause pain in the moment of clamping but a rush of sensation when they are removed. After doing so, the nipples will feel even more sensitive and stimulated with every touch, stroke, and lick. To make things a little more interesting, clamps can also be bound together with a chain and incorporated into other types of bondage.

Electro Play

If nipple clamps seem a little too vanilla for you, then ramp up the excitement with an electro nipple clamp set. Commonly known as electro play, this popular fetish combines electricity and bondage to transport both you and your companion to a world of unadulterated pleasure. Whether it’s a soft tingle or a jolting spark, it’s all up to you.

Other Nipple Torture Techniques:

When it comes to inflicting pain on a willing victim’s nipples, the number of ways to do so is practically endless. Some other techniques that most people find enjoyable include:

  1. Pins and Needles
  2. Temperature Play
  3. Temperature Play
  4. Figging
  5. Abrasion

How To Book a Nipple Torture Escort

Interested in fulfilling this naughty fantasy? Well then, let’s get started! Explore any of the available profiles on our gallery, and when you’re ready to book, simply give us a call on +447809138166.

If you’re new to the world of BDSM-related fetishes, be sure to read our guide to safe BDSM explorations.