Attracted to Shemales?

Posted on: 29 October 2019
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Are you sitting at home, bored with the mundane repetitive nature and felt your mind wondering about your darkest fantasies? It is quite common for the most average-looking people to have the naughtiest of fantasies. The inner workings of your own mind is the only place where your true self is revealed, it impossible to hide from yourself. If you’re reading this blog you’re probably already open-minded enough to embrace some of the weird and wonderful fantasies that we help satisfy on our site, the most common of which being Shemales. 

So let’s break it down, what is a shemale? 

A shemale is a term used for trans women and men with secondary sex characteristics, such as breast implants and the use of hormones. Throughout history, shemales were ostracised throughout society and ridiculed by mass media. Thankfully, today the trans community is making great strides to become embraced in the very fabric of British culture, with drag and other transgender art being taken seriously. 
“Shemale” is a term that not everyone agrees with and we acknowledge that however, it is the best phrase we have so far. 

So are Shemale escorts men or women? 

It is now understood that gender is a spectrum and nobody can truly define your gender but yourself. There are women with more male characteristics than some men, and vice versa. Many of the shemale escorts that work with us here at Bed Dom are pre-op trans women. 

This means that they are women who have not had surgery to remove their penis. Most of these girls have had other surgical enhancement, such as breast implants and hormone therapy and look extremely feminine. What must be understood about our beautiful shemales is that they are not living a double life, tossing and choosing between genders depending on the day, they are full-time women and enjoy many of the same things that every other woman in your life would. If anything, these girls are more feminine as they have made a continuous effort throughout their life to enhance their feminity. 

Does liking shemales make you gay?  

This is one of the most common internal dilemmas when booking a shemale escort. You may have never considered yourself to be someone who has questioned their sexuality and then a shemale comes along and confuses you about everything. 
We want to make this as clear and simple as possible: 
Being attracted to shemales does not make you gay. Shemales are trans women, who are women. Women come in all shapes and sizes, liking a certain type of women has no bearing on your overall sexuality, so get over yourself. What does it matter if you do like to play for both sides anyway? Only you have the right to define your sexuality, just like our shemales have the right to define themselves as anything they want! 

What is booking a shemale like? 

If you have never booked a Shemale escort before, you may be sceptical on what type of night you can expect together. With a shemale escort, the possibilities are limitless. These girls are very open-minded and love to try new things. Sometimes even with escorts, time together can feel mundane and boring. A shemale is anything but. These girls are not only great at what they do but they are also very skilled at building long-lasting relationships together. If you want to book a shemale escort tonight then make sure you visit our Shemale page