The Ultimate Guide To All Fetishes & Kinks

Posted on: 25 March 2024
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Delving into the leathery world of fetish & kink play, especially for the first time, can feel like an extremely daunting and overwhelming task. Between the endless list of equipment and toys to understand, dictionaries of abbreviations and terms to learn & trying something new for the first time, it’s easy to feel lost and without a guide in this strange new world. Allow us to be that guiding beacon and teach you the most crucial information you need to know in order to fully enjoy a session with one of our tantalising Mistresses or Dommes.

Ball Busting - A Thrilling Experience

Have you ever found yourself craving the throbbing sensation of pain going through your most delicate parts?

What it is: Ball Busting refers to the sexual experience of having a sexy Mistress bruise and hit your balls in all the right places. Most people who enjoy this experience pair it with other pain-related kinks or the maximum adrenaline rush.

What to expect: With bookings such as these, punters can be relieved to know that there is plenty of pain and excitement on the way. Bookings such as Ballbusting will always take place after a preliminary discussion has been had about safe words, boundaries and general safety.

BDSM - All In One!

For those who aren’t quite sure on where to get started with the world of BDSM, what place better to start your journey than the all-inclusive BDSM escort booking from London’s leading fetish escort agency?

What it is: The acronym BDSM refers to Bondage, Discipline, Sadism & Masochism. The most diverse service type offered by Bed Domination covering a healthy range of every aspect of fetish play.

What to expect: You can expect to have a lengthy discussion with your partner prior to your session to go over what it is that you’d like to experience. During one of these sessions you can safely explore new avenues of pleasure and experiment with things you might have never experienced before.

Bondage - A Lighter Introduction

If you’re feeling a bit nervous to delve headfirst into the deep-end, why not test the waters with a lighter introduction to BDSM: Bondage?

What it is: Bondage refers to all forms of constriction or rope-play. Whether it's cuffs, chains, leather or ropes is up to you!

What to expect: You might expect to get some rope-play involved or perhaps a fully immersive roleplay scenario with some toys.

Chastity - Lock Those Desires Away

Whether you’re into the idea of being completely out of control to even touch your own body or you like the anticipation of slowly being freed from the shackles of chastity, this electrifying fetish is something everybody should try once.

What it is: Chastity refers to the idea of abstaining from sexual encounters before marriage. In this context, Chastity means to refrain from sexual activity or being physically restrained from engaging in sexual activities until your Dom has allowed it so.

What to expect: When preparing for a Chastity booking, you should prepare to have your privates enclosed in a safe, metal device. This will stop you from touching it unless permitted by your Dom.

Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) - Who Thought Pain & Pleasure Are Mutually Exclusive?

The idea of CBT can have one half of mandom cringing at the thought of and the other squirming in anticipation for the best service they’ve received. While CBT has gotten quite popular lately (for all the wrong reasons), some punters are still not lucky enough to have experienced such a service.

What it is: CBT refers to the act of repeatedly causing physical pain and discomfort to the genitals of a man. Whether this is achieved by punching, kicking, stomping or else does not matter.

What to expect: During a CBT booking, you can expect an intense, thrilling experience. This type of booking is not for the faint-hearted or newbie.

Cross-Dressing - Embrace Your Feminine Side

Are you looking to liberate your suppressed feminine energy behind closed doors? Cross-dressing, a practice as ancient as pre-modern history itself, has long been a medium for comfort and self-expression... enjoyed by countless individuals before you.

What it is: Cross-dressing is the act of wearing clothes that are traditionally or stereotypically associated with a different gender. Think men in dresses, stockings, lingerie, and makeup... anything to help them "look like" or "impersonate" a woman. 

What to expect: With our mistresses, you can expect nothing less than a safe and non-judgmental environment, where you can explore the depths of your transvestic desires without the fear of rejection. Whether your preference leans more towards specific outfits, intricate scenarios, or immersive roleplay, our London cross-dressing escorts are more than happy to oblige and indulge in your desires. 

Facesitting - What a Breathtaking View!

The gorgeous mistresses in London are true queens, and they deserve the very best and most intense stimulation. Their throne? The face of a willing gentleman or woman: where every inch is fully explored, appreciated and guaranteed to deliver true bliss.

What it is: The clue's in the name. Facesitting is the act of someone sitting over another's face, which allows for either oral-genital or oral-anal contact. 

What to expect: People love this because there is a sense of submission by the person being sat on, and a strong sense of dominance for the escort doing the straddling. It's a popular and exciting way to spice up cunnilingus, using a new angle to increase sensation and pleasure. What's not to love? 

Fantasy - The Only Limit is Your Imagination 

We all harbour a secret, perhaps some unexplored fantasy, often kept hidden due to fears of misunderstanding or rejection. Well, luckily for you, our fantasy escorts welcome openness and creativity, going out of their way to make your deepest fantasies a reality. 

What it is: A fantasy escort is an open-minded and willing companion who is more than happy to act out/explore your fantasies in a healthy and non-judgemental environment. 

What to expect: You can expect to clearly explain to your chosen escort what your particular fantasy might be, and what costumes, props or toys are needed to make it a reality. Whether it be a certain kink, fetish, or roleplay scenario, don't be afraid to get creative with your fantasies!  

Feminization - No Room For Masculinity Here...

In a world where men are expected to be masculine and hard at all times, we sometimes need an opportunity to break free from these shackles. A shift in gender roles is the perfect way to let go, and our feminization mistresses are the women for the job.

What it is: Feminization is, quite simply, the act of imposing female traits or attributes upon yourself through a partner. You can choose to simply act like a female or take the act one step further to sissification - which is the act of dressing as a woman. 

What to expect: With a professional, experienced and supportive feminization escort at the helm, this kink and humiliation fetish can be enjoyed effectively and professionally, with your comfort in mind. Well, unless you're into the "forced services" side of things, in which case, expect some discomfort in the most pleasurable way...

Fisting - Bare Knuckle Delights

Looking to push your boundaries a little further? When fingers, cocks and toys aren't enough, you can always rely on a good fist to get the job done. 

What it is: Fisting - also known as fist-fucking and handballing - is the act of inserting an entire hand into the vagina or rectum for intense pleasure. 

What to expect: Whether you're new to the experience or a seasoned devotee, our fisting mistresses are here to provide a level of intense pleasure in a safe and comfortable environment. Half-assed efforts? With these professionals, there won't be any of that crap... not on their watch. 

Foot Fetish - We All Love a Good Sole-Searching Session

Believe it or not, a good old-fashioned foot fetish is one of the most common forms of sexual fetishism out there. So, if the look, taste or smell of feet gets the blood pumping, rest easy knowing you're just one of many to feel this way. 

What it is: A foot fetish, also known as podophilia, is a sexual interest in feet, toes, ankles, and footwear. 

What to expect: From the moment the session begins, you can engage in a variety of feet-related activities with your mistress, including toe-sucking, foot-licking, foot worship, foot massage, you name it! Fancy bringing some specific footwear into the mix, be it stilettos, heels, or boots? If so, then be sure to express your desires over the phone prior to the meeting. 

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