The Different types of Dom-Sub Relationships

Posted on: 24 July 2019
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Here at Bed Domination escorts, we love a sexy woman who is in control of the men who book her for a date. However, nowadays, with so many amateur doms on Instagram thinking that domination is solely about insulting their partners and generally just being unpleasant to be around, it's important to talk about what it actually means to be a Domination mistress.

There are so many different types of mistresses and dominatrixes out there that you may be struggling to find your perfect fit. According to Paul Young, a sex podcaster,

“Submission is not about authority and it’s not about obedience; it is all about relationships of love and respect.”

That's why it's more important than ever to find a mistress who will help you explore your submissive streak. A good mistress, like our Bed Dom, escorts, will abide by the rules of safe, sane, consensual, informed. Whilst all dommes will end up with one party dominating the other, there are other more specific roles that align themselves to fetishes. Take a look and see which of these interest you the most:

Good old fashioned BDSM mistress and servant

So, if you take a look at any of the women on our website, you will see that the majority of them fit into the "domme" category. These sort of women indulge in lifestyle domme. Basically, this means that they make domination their sort of lifestyle. They might have several slaves on the go, have BDSM as a normal part of their house design or even have several live-in slaves. However, the main difference with this sort of dommes, in comparison to our Dommes, is that they don't do this for money. This is simply part of their lifestyle, the same for the subs who live and become intimate with them. If you want a good term for the sort of women (and shemales) on our website, it would be Pro-Dommes.


Now, these are the sort of ladies that you will see on our website. Whilst they do not make domination a lifestyle, it is used as a means of work. That means that they may go to public or private dungeons and change willing submissives for a session. They may also decide to give tours and interviews of their dungeons. It is entirely up to them whether or not a live-in slave.

Mommies and Daddies

Mommies and Daddies tend to refer to a more specific kink where they take on the role of a parent to a submissive, or a person who practices infantilism. Instead of focusing on a humiliation kink or complete sexual domination of a person, the Mommy or Daddy focuses on guiding or caring for a submissive, as a parent would. Some submissives take this to an extreme by constructing rooms that may look like a baby's bedroom, fit with cribs, high-chairs toys, nappies and clothes.

Gentlemen and Ladies

This is more of a niche BDSM role between doms and submissives where the dom behaves in a chivalrous way towards their submissives and their friends and loved ones. Think of them as the perfect Victorian lord or lady who is ready to treat you like a prince or princess. No matter how naughty their submissive is, they treat them with respect and only discipline when it is truly necessary.

Owners and Pets

The relationship between an owner and a pet is pretty simple on. Owners are the top that treats their "pets" as the property that they possess. That means that they treat them in any way that they wish. Of course, this is all with consent and submissives can include pets, slaves and furniture. Some pets even dress up to prove that they are like pets to their masters. This can involve wearing leather animal masks or wearing tails through the use of buttplugs and dildos.


This is a really old form of a dom who use leather traditions from the Old Guard. Most leathermen/leatherwomen tend to be associated with homosexuality, however, it has been updated to accommodate heterosexual relationships. This sort of domination has the dom wearing leather gear and outfits. Most follow a fraternal, militaristic code and purposefully dress to highlight a masculine figure through the leather.

Controlled Dominants

Have you ever wondered how a dom actually learns how to be a dom? Well, some of them actually act as a controlled dominant. They are basically being controlled by either another dominant or a mentor who can help them learn the ways of the dom. There is an agreement in place to make sure that the "junior dom" learns how to continue the pleasure of the sub. If there is a particular scene that needs the experience of an older-dom then the controlled dominant will follow the rules that are laid down by their "protector."

Sadists and Maschoists

No matter what sort of naughty London Mistress you have, you are going to get some that love playing the sadist to a masochistic sub. According to,

"A masochist someone who obtains pleasure from receiving punishment A sadist someone who obtains pleasure from inflicting pain on others"

Normally, the sadist is the dom and the masochist is the sub. The masochist will enjoy getting pleasure from the dom through spanking, whipping, tickle torture, choking and biting. Keep in mind that every masochist has their limits, therefore, it is essential that the masochist and sadist decide on how far they are willing to go. Safewords need to decide before any sort of sexual play is initiated.

Are you ready to find your perfect London Domme?

Whether you decide to book with our London domination escort agency, or you decide to find an independent domme to satiate all of your desires, you need to think about the sort of domme that will make you feel like you experience an erotic release. Become the sub you were born to be and enjoy every moment you spend with your sexy domination escort!