The Psychology Behind Spanking: What Does it Mean?

Posted on: 17 March 2023
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A good old-fashioned spanking is one of the most popular kinks out there and gets a lot of people going! As long as it is consensual, spanking is an enjoyable experience for both partners. Whether it's a slap on the bum or something more intense, people receive pleasure from spanking in various ways, some more on the painful end of the spectrum than others. 

So why do people have this kink? If you are one of those people, do not worry! You're not alone. Reasons vary biologically and psychologically for different individuals, and to help you understand your kinks, we have explained why you and others love to be spanked!

Biological Reasons

Some people's bodies just love being spanked! If you are one of them, you may wonder why. For some people, it may be because of the rise in adrenaline in their bodies, only heightening their pleasure in a passionate moment! 

Spanking also releases endorphins giving people a positive association with this type of sexual activity. In addition, blood flow goes to the skin's surface, making nerve receptors in the skin more sensitive and making the kink more enjoyable. So if you enjoy the sensation of spanking, don't feel ashamed if your body likes it!

Psychological Reasons

In an article about psychologically, we are long overdue for a visit from Mr Freud! He theorised that people's enjoyment of spanking might stem from, you guessed it, childhood! According to old Sigmund, if you were spanked as a youngster, you may prefer it sexually in adulthood. You can see where this makes sense, but it does not apply to all people spanked in childhood.

Spanking can be traumatic for some people in childhood, and these memories are filled with shame and humiliation. Despite this association, some psychologists surmise that people enjoy spanking in their adult sex life because it transforms something previously traumatic into something more positive. 

However, some people who were never hit in childhood still enjoy spanking, or this action may trigger people who were. Essentially, there isn't a one size fits all theory regarding spanking.

For other people, spanking offers peace and relief from ordinary life. Relinquishing power through spanking gives some people a sense of calm. 

Or, it could be something as simple as the taboo nature of spanking that causes excitement and why some people love to perform this act!

Theories explain that people enjoy spanking in societies with more hierarchical structures because it explores feelings of power and control, such as domination and submission, mirroring society. For example, some people who are loud or dominant in their life may enjoy being submissive when it comes to spanking or vice versa.

Either way, there are a variety of reasons you may enjoy spanking!

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