The Psychology of Fetishism

Posted on: 23 February 2023
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A fetish is a sexual desire towards a particular object, activity or part of the body that isn't linked to the sexual organs. Think foot fetish or latex! Not to be confused with a kink, a fetish instead MUST be present for a person to feel sexually aroused, whether it is being thought about or is physically there.

Fetishes are a common aspect of the domination world but are still taboo in everyday life. Most people feel uncomfortable about exploring their fetishes with a partner or voicing them, which leads to them seeking fetish escorts. So, why do some people have particular fetishes, and why is it so difficult for individuals to feel fulfilment outside of them?

Understanding Fetishism

There is a wide variety of fetishes out there some even our most experienced dominatrix escorts may not have heard about. However, when it comes to our most popular fetishes, there are, of course, foot fetishes. Our smoking escorts and even specific hair colours, such as brunettes, are also popular.

Even after a glance online, there is a range of fetishes from wood to older people that people have, all unique to the individual who has them. Having a fetish is more common than you would think. Business Insider states that 44% of individuals have indicated an interest in exploring a fetish, and those are just the people that admitted it for the study!

But how do these fetishes develop? Do they just come out of nowhere, a natural part of an individual's genetic makeup or do social issues play a role in the fetishes some have?

Psychological Perspectives

Dating as far back as Freud, the psychological reasons for fetishes have fascinated many. Freud outlined fetishes as a sexual 'perversion' to childhood trauma; however, theories have since evolved from Freud and are more accepting of people with particular fetishes.

The psychological causes of fetishes vary depending on the school of psychology. Evolutionary psychologists suggest that diversity in attraction (fetishes) helps to promote sexual stimulation and, therefore, the continuation of the species regardless of its environment.

Alternatively, other schools still borrow from Freud's theory that fetishes form in childhood, but it centres around childhood experiences rather than just trauma. Whilst there are studies on multiple fetishes, every individual is unique in what causes them.

One of the most popular fetishes is a foot fetish here at Bed Domination. According to Anisa Varsteh, a clinical sexologist, it is hard to determine where this fetish and others stem from. They outline that fetishes are multisensory experiences, so one person may enjoy the visual element of feet whilst others may have this fetish for entirely different reasons.

Another popular theory is based on Pavlovian conditioning. If you repeat a particular process over and over again, then a fetish is likely to develop.

So the short answer to why people have fetishes is that it is unique to the individual!

Impact of Fetishism on Relationships

For some having a specific fetish and being in a relationship can be an issue. On the one hand, communicating sexual desires within a relationship is a greater way to achieve intimacy. However, because certain fetishes are still taboo, many do not discuss their desires with a partner, or their partner may feel uncomfortable trying one out.

The inability to try fetishes may lead a partner to feel unfulfilled and lead to the relationship breaking down. It may cause the partner with a fetish to cheat and engage in behaviours damaging to both parties, especially if they do not openly communicate their desires.

Where escort sites such as Bed Domination can help with these issues is offering couples' services. If you are unsure about trying a fetish, you can do so safely and discreetly with our couples escorts.

Booking a Fetish Escort

Whilst fetishes are taboo, it is essential to remember you are probably not alone, and you should not feel ashamed about exploring them. Fields of psychology have developed in the present day, banishing the myth that some fetishes stem from childhood trauma and instead may be part of your sexual behaviour- this, of course, still depends from individual to individual. 

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