We Have Expanded Our Domain Of Dominance

Posted on: 22 September 2022
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After a while of establishing our refined London mistress services throughout the capital, Bed-Domination has decided to expand to the rest of England! Whether you’re in rainy Manchester or the bustling port city of Plymouth, enjoy the freedom of browsing the hottest dommes and most commanding dominatrixes all over the country! 

A New World Of The Dirtiest Possibilities 

For the longest time it has been incredibly difficult to find a quality provider of fetish services and dominatrix escorts reliably outside of London. It hasn’t been impossible, there are plenty of great independent escorts offering such services but only for those who were committed enough to finding the gems in the rough. 

Bed-Domination strives to connect you with the hottest and best Mistresses, Switches and Submissives available with the most perfected fetishes and preferences for your particular likes and this mission is not going to change no matter how wide our coverage stretches. Rest assured, we are going to provide the best fetish and domination service for as long as we operate - now with just more options! 

Not A Trade Off But A Win-Win Situation! 

Oftentimes clients of agencies and directories tend to be rather worried when said agencies and directories expand their area of operations and sometimes with good reason. It’s quite common belief that with an expansion comes a degradation in the quality of service offered, which, in our case, is extremely untrue. You may have come to know Bed-Domination as the provider of the highest quality fetish services, the provider of the hottest Mistresses or as the source of your aching body - and that is not going to change. 

We think of it more this way: A larger area of coverage means we are able to scout for and represent a much larger array of hot fetish escorts for you to browse, and to those who aren’t lucky enough to be living in the bustling metropolis that is London, you no longer have to travel to experience the Bed-Domination trademark experience! Whether you live amidst the gothic castles of Edinburgh or on the sunny beaches of Brighton, you are now covered by the excellent Bed-Domination! 

An Expansion In Every Sense 

Although rolling out relatively slowly, we are not only planning on expanding the area of coverage for our esteemed business. Naturally, a larger coverage of areas comes with the opportunity to represent countless gorgeously intoxicating dommes and with that comes the possibility of new services that they may offer that we haven’t so far, which should excite you as much as it excites us. 

This gives space for a lot of new fetishes we haven’t heard of or had enough models providing to represent to potentially take spotlight in our gallery, which will greatly increase the choice that you as a client has further reinforcing our true mission which is to bring your fantasies to reality - no matter how outlandish they may sound. If you feel that your fetish isn’t properly offered or represented, this could very well be your time to shine! 

A Taste Af What’s To Come 

Our list of newly covered areas is rather lengthy, but have a taster of what is to come to Bed-Domination! 

  • Manchester: Immerse yourself in the magical capital of Northern England where the culture is as hot as the escorts available. Whether you’re looking for a wild night out in one of the countless great night life places in Manchester or a calmer, more intimate night with a gorgeous Mistress in one of the luxurious apartments of The Quays, Manchester is the place to be. 
  • Edinburgh: Although quite far from our usual area of operations, Edinburgh is one of our most requested locations and with good reason! This gorgeous city filled to the brim with historical sites and cosy shops has been a hotspot for sex work in Scotland and we can proudly announce that Bed-Domination is here to join the mix! Whether you’re looking for a partner to dominate your every sense after taking a stroll around the gothic castles or simply wish to become a slave of a commanding Mistress, Edinburgh will not disappoint. 
  • Nottingham: Unofficially considered to be the cultural capital of Europe, there are countless reasons why you might be visiting or living in Nottingham. Regardless of titles, this city offers a wide variety of things to do with a gorgeous city centre that you could wander around in for days and not get bored. With some of the hottest girls that England has to offer, we sometimes wonder why we haven’t decided to cover Nottingham earlier!
  • Brighton: Brighton is a hotspot for a lot of things, whether that is music, culture or LGBTQ+ venues, Brighton has something for everyone. Whether you’re here for vacation or live here, we can almost assure you that enjoying your time here with a scorching hot Mistress from Bed-Domination would improve your time infinitely! Whether you want to wild on one of the hidden beaches or in the confines of a bedroom, Bed-Domination will provide everything you seek and more.

… and much more! 

To end off our announcement blog, we would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone in the cities and areas that we have extended our reach to. We hope that you are as excited as we are and we truly hope that you will find yourself coming back to the exceptional services that Bed-Domination offers - now throughout the country!