4 Unbelievable Pros and Cons of Fetishism

Posted on: 29 June 2023

In recent years, having kinks and fetishes has been common knowledge across the globe and many popular fetishes have also been discussed openly. Without the ‘shame tag’ that shadowed fetishism, it has become a lot easier to research and understand the boons and banes that fetishism holds. At Bed Domination, we’ve made sure that we do this research for you so that you don’t have to.

What is Fetishism?

When you think about it, fetishism is not very far off from sexual attraction. It is a term that refers to any specific objects, body parts, material, or circumstances that would generally be considered non-sexual or non-erotic in everyday culture.

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Fulfilling fetishism can involve a variety of acts such as deriving sexual arousal, gratification, or fulfilment from the presence, thought, or interaction with the fetishized object or situation.

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Pros of Fetishism

  1. Increased Sexual Arousal
    A fetish can heighten sexual arousal and desire, enhancing the thrill and satisfaction in sexual encounters.
  2. Improving Sexual Health and Awareness
    By opening yourself up to new sexual activities and pleasures such as Bed Domination’s BDSM services, you can better understand your body and what works best for you.
  3. Intimacy and Comfort
    A relationship thrives when there is mutual trust and comfort. By exploring fetishes such as rimming or spanking together, you can bring about not just sexual pleasure, but also comfort that can boost your relationship health.
  4. Spice Up Your Sex Life
    Whether you are currently in a relationship or simply want to explore new pleasures for yourself, fetishism can spice up your sex life and expand your horizons all the same.

Cons of Fetishism

  1. Bad Reputation
    Historically, people have been shamed and criticised for having specific fetishes. The good news is that we are moving away from those times but the awkward news is that in some parts, we are not quite there yet.
  2. Sexual Wavelength
    Not all partners are supportive and encouraging of exploring fetishes. Understanding each other’s desires and needs mutually is integral to many relationships even outside the realm of fetishism.
  3. Practising Control
    Be it a fetish or simply an obsession with any sexual arousal, it is important to practise self-control and be cautious. Over-obsession with a fetish can impact your everyday life and interfere with daily activities.
  4. Crossing a Line
    Some fetish activities such as ball busting can cross a line at times. It is important to understand each other’s safe words or body language and always process in a consensual manner.


It's essential to approach fetishes with open-mindedness, understanding, and consent. With a healthy demeanour, you can enjoy your fetishes in an exciting and pleasurable manner.

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