7 Things You Should Always Check With Your Domination Escort

Posted on: 24 October 2022
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Navigating the world of fetishes can be rather daunting and difficult, especially at first; but even to a seasoned veteran, with a subculture that is ever changing in the moment, it can be rather easy to not keep up with current norms or to get lost in the myriad of terminology and abbreviations. While the task of getting you situated and comfortable in the world of fetishes is an undertaking that is near impossible from anyone, this blog will get you acquainted with a few run-of-the-mill questions that you should ask our domination London escorts your escort before the fun starts. 

Please note that most of these questions should be asked before your date arrives, preferably to your call handler who is helping you book your date as once your date arrives, there are certain arrangements that cannot be changed, such as toys and costumes brought, etc. 

“What will our safe-word be?” 

I’m listing this question first because without this, none of the others should be given space to be asked. A safe-word is one of the most important building principles of fetish play or rough play in general as without this, some harm may be done, even if unintentional. A safe word is a word agreed upon by both parties to be a signifier to let the other know that one might not be feeling comfortable or safe with the acts that are being performed by them or on them. This allows both parties to safely and clearly communicate their boundaries and to stop any potentially harmful acts being performed. As mentioned previously, you should not proceed with your BDSM escort if you do not have a safe word agreed. 

“Is it okay if I call you [...]?” 

Petnames and nicknames are also a gigantic factor of the enjoyment derived from BDSM and other forms of kink-play. They are also crucial to certain niches in BDSM such as role-play, where to fully immerse yourself in the fantasy, it helps to be able to call your partner or escort certain names. While most domination escorts are prepared to be called nearly anything by their clients, if you’re into verbal degradation or anything of the sort, it is most likely a good idea to set boundaries and to let your escort know that it is all a part of the fantasy - you are not just randomly insulting them. 

“Can you please refrain from [...]?”

Similarly to the previous point and following our theme of setting boundaries, this question can be incredibly important, almost just as important as setting a safe word. Ideally, you should state your hard boundaries and things you dislike to your handler so that your escort can be informed well before your date, but I always find it good practice just to let them know once they arrive too, just in case they forgot. The key here is to be respectful and nice in your request and to clearly and obviously state what you dislike and what is okay to perform. This will help you enjoy your experience more and it will also help your escort feel more comfortable in the work she is performing. 

“Can you perform [service] ?” 

While this doesn’t exclusively apply to domination escorts and is a question commonly asked by clients worldwide, this could have some further implications in the BDSM niche. For example, with a standard escort, the difference between one service and another could purely be a matter of payment or outfit worn; but, for domination escorts, the difference could be something major such as the equipment brought with your date or toys they own. In some extreme cases, this could also be a matter of skills, such as many rope fetishes, all of which require intense skill to pull off in a satisfying manner. Regardless, with questions such as these, it is extremely important to ask them before your date arrives, ideally to your call handlers. This is not only because it gives your date time to prepare but it also allows your handler to potentially recommend your different girls who might be more suited to the service you’re seeking. 

“Do you offer after-care?” 

Certain acts in the BDSM and fetish niche can be extremely tolling mentally, especially if performed with someone who isn’t your partner who you’ve known for years. For this reason after-care has been one of the most important parts of a great BDSM session, as it allows you to unwind and remind yourself and your partner that everything said and done was purely for their or your pleasure, and not for any malicious reason. It’s important to ask this question as early as possible, ideally before she arrives, because after-care might be something important to you and if your date doesn’t offer it - well, you’d find yourself to be rather disappointed. 

“Can I tell you the type and amount of pain I am comfortable with?” 

This is rather self-explanatory. When dealing with pain it is extremely important to make sure that every party is clear and concise about their boundaries as pain is a loved and favoured part of BDSM that could go wrong, very easily. This is one of those rare questions that could be asked on the day when your date arrives, but just like with everything, it’s best practice to inform your date as early as possible so that they may plan and prepare accordingly. It’s not the end of the world if you do tell her on the day, but try to tell her as soon as possible. 

“Please let me communicate the boundaries of our date” 

It should be obvious by now that the most important part of BDSM and kinkplay is boundaries. If you hadn’t noticed, that was the main topic of this blog and for good reason. BDSM and kinkplay is a truly incredible experience that could elevate your sex life to heights unheard or seen before, but only when it is practised safely and responsibly. It is extremely important to voice and communicate every boundary that you may have, no matter how minor they may seem, it’s very important to let your partner know this before the date and vice-versa. 

I hope that you found this blog somewhat insightful into the world of domination escorts and that now, you feel just a little more equipped for the wonders of this beautiful subculture that has enveloped my life for a good while now. I find it a good measure with experiences such as these to be as transparent as possible and to communicate every tiny detail you can think of - trust me, you’ll thank me in the long run; and if reading this blog has made you yearn for a great and high quality domination experience, why not browse one of the countless galleries that we have compiled for you?